Best Customer Service: Verizon Sprint AT&T or T-Mobile?

When you have a mobile phone inevitably you may want to make a complaint, and customer service is always expected to be good, but no matter which mobile carrier you are with, another always looks better.

So in order to find out which carrier has the best friendliness, timeliness and knowledge in the USA, the guys over at laptop mag have carried out a test of customer service practices between the USA’s big four carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

The results of the teats show that T-Mobile comes tops in in-store assistance and web support, while Sprint have streamlines the support process but couldn’t always answer questions. Verizon delivered “solid” in-store and online support, but AT&T come out the worst as Laptop say they left the AT&T store shocked that an AT&T rep couldn’t get email set up on their BlackBerry.

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