Google Voice vs AT&T: Who do you stand by?

Even though AT&T may have had no part to play in Apple’s rejection of Google’s Google Voice app for iPhone, that doesn’t mean that the phone carrier is actually a Google Voice fan.

Apparently quite the opposite, the company has composed a letter and sent it to the FCC complaining about Google Voice’s blocking of certain telephone numbers which are operated by rural carriers, including those of the adult nature. As a common carrier AT&T is required to still put these calls through even though they would of course cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

AT&T argue the and one of the points they raise is that Google Voice is similar to a traditional phone service and should therefore play by the same rules. Google have been quick to respond to that point claiming that as Google Voice is a free application it is not required to follow carrier rules or listen to the FCC. Source – pcworld.com


One thought on “Google Voice vs AT&T: Who do you stand by?”

  1. NOLA TOM says:

    AT&T is so in bed with Yahoo that they BLOCKED Google.

    That’s right, I ordered a Gateway 2Wire from AT&T and by default, the FireWall settings for the router are set to block almost all bit Torrent clients and none other than one: GOOGLE.COM

    I’m really starting to HATE AT&T- and I don’t even like to use that word. The DSL 6.0 they sold me checks out on the speed Tests at a max. of 3.7. I called AT&T to complain an they said that that was an acceptable speed… No, not at all.

    So AT&T, if I downgrade to DSL 3.0 are my exceptionable speeds 750kbps? Don’t bother answering, I’m going back to Cox.

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