Take eyes of LG BL40 Chocolate and look at the GD510 phone

LG has now introduced the new LG GD510 smartphone, a touch screen handset that is simpler to use and more compact and incorporates vital features to deliver effective usage remarks an article over on mobiletor.

The LG GD510 handset sports a 3 inch full touch screen, 3 megapixel camera, QVGA display with a 4.8mm thick bezel and single small multi-function button, 8GB of internal storage, and high quality video and image sharing.

The President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications, Dr. Skott Ahn has said LG phones such as the LG BL40 Chocolate may get all the attention but there is a gap for affordable touch screen phones and the LG GD510 delivers on that.

The new LG GD510 will initially hit European markets about mid October and other markets following that and will be released with varying price tags.


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