Palm cannot deliver webOS 1.2 to GSM Pre until November

If you are waiting to get your hands on the GSM Palm Pre with webOS 1.2 in Europe when the Palm Pre launches on O2 Germany, Ireland and the UK on the 13th to 16th of October as it looks like you’re going to be somewhat disappointed as precentral reports webOS 1.2 may not hit until November.

Apparently the Palm Pre launch will start out carrying webOS 1.1.3 and will not receive the update to webOS 1.2 until November. Furthermore there is rumour that the Palm Pre may not even come carrying webOS 1.1.3 but webOS 1.1.2 and require updating.

If this rumour is true it means all kinds of problems for the webOS platform, Europeans won’t benefit from webOS 1.2 and the fear is Palm is coming to a point where they are overextended and unable to release webOS on multiple versions at the same time.


One thought on “Palm cannot deliver webOS 1.2 to GSM Pre until November”

  1. Simon says:

    I bought a Pre from O2 here in the UK and it shipped with 1.1.2 and upgraded to 1.1.3 immediately no problem.
    My only gripe with the Pre is that Palm do not (currently? we can live in hope) support the Palm Desktop; a crime.
    This is ironic when you find out that they wasted all that time making the Pre pretend to be an ipod for iTunes, but don’t even have time to support us loyal Palm customers (me since 1997!).
    So, I want the “Classic” application so that I can sync with Palm Desktop 6.x (properly) but can’t use it until I get webOS 1.2.x – very disappointing.

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