Video: Verizon HTC Imagio unboxed and hands-on

The Verizon Wireless branded HTC Imagio is basically a deluxe version of the HTC Touch Diamond2 packing a bigger screen combination of CDMA and GSM both with 3G, a FLO TV tuner for Verizon’s VCAST TV and a 3.5mm jack reports engadget mobile who have just done an unboxing and hands-on review of the HTC Imagio.

The guys haven’t had the HTC Imagio for long but say the Windows Mobile 6.5 packing HTC Imagio is a “real treat,” and looks and feels like a high end handset due to the abundance of soft-touch plastic and its kickstand.

The guys even had time to make a quick look at the HTC Imagio video, which we have for your viewing pleasure and can be viewed below, and then hit up the link for the full review and images.

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