Poll: Could Verizon Ad sway Apple away from AT&T?

Lots of people are talking about it, the new advertisement from Verizon which is aimed really at highlighting the poor service which is provided by AT&T to sad and very upset iPhone users.

In some respect this is being viewed as a bid to try and attempt to pull Apple’s business away from AT&T. The ad carefully put together clearly stays very positive about the iPhone itself, whilst including comments from very disgruntled customers of the AT&T network.

One upset customer tried to return the iPhone as he was experiencing very poor coverage, when he called AT&T he was repeatedly told that the service in his area was ’excellent’. Not a great level of customer service to say the least, and most certainly wouldn’t encourage you to stay on board would it? For more information visit iphonetouch.blorge.com

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One thought on “Poll: Could Verizon Ad sway Apple away from AT&T?”

  1. Eddu says:

    Well there are many reasons why this could not sway away iphone from at&t.

    First of all, in the verizon commercial the tv viewers were not shown the actual verizon 3g map, they were shown the network coverage map and then the commercial showed a 3g map of at&t instead of the actual network coverage of at&t.

    actual verizon 3g coverage:


    Second of all, verizon does not make as much money from network or cellphone service as at&t does. Instead verizon overprices their phones to very high prices. Meaning that if an iphone were available for verizon, it would cost somewhere between $400 and $700 dollars.

    And third of all verizon uses CDMA which is an integrated(you could say built in sim card) while at&t and t-mobile use GSM which is a removable sim(used worldwide). All iphones currently use gsm sim cards and it would make apple have to release an iphone a bit more thicker than the current one in order to fit an cdma into their batteries. And apple is not going to do that for one company in the world.

    In the end apple is better off with at&t because they use gsm which is recognized worldwide, meaning that iphones can be bought by other companies around the world and locked to their carriers. And the only reason they do not pick t-mobile is because of their horrible reception and low customers.

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