BlackBerry 9700 aka Bold 2: Will you buy on November 11?

We mentioned earlier that the new BlackBerry 9700, which is also known as the BlackBerry Bold 2 smartphone would be available as of the 11th of November via T-Mobile, you can read the article (here).

Claims of the BlackBerry 9700/Bold 2 being the best BlackBerry smartphone to come out of Research In Motion have been in abundance mainly due to the new trackpad replacing the old trackball which has been hailed as a great feature and comes with all the usual gear associated with BlackBerry smartphones.

So, does the BlackBerry 9700 catch your eye, does it make you want to ditch your current handset and go and purchase it? Will you buy the BlackBerry 9700 when it hits on November the 11th?


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry 9700 aka Bold 2: Will you buy on November 11?”

  1. Scudder says:

    I have held off getting a new phone for some time now awaiting the release of the 9700. Although I have used BB’s in the past they have always been company phones. This will be the 1st BB I will have spent my own money on.

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