Arm moves into Laptops as Intel moves into Mobile Phones

Arm Holdings is gearing up to position their chips as the main processors for the low end laptop market and has said they have entered this market as a counter to Intel’s move into the mobile phone arena reports pcworld.

Arm exec vice president and general manager of Arm’s Physical IP Division, Simon Segars stated the above during an interview, and has said Arm will target low end laptops and desktop which will place significant hurdles to Intel’s big for the mobile phone market in which Arm has a dominate position.

Segars also commented that unit sales in the mobile phone market are likely to be far larger than that of the low end laptop market and there is a tread for sophisticated mobile phones to include up to 4 or 5 Arm processors, and added if mobile phone vendors such as Samsung and Nokia what to get into computing devices we would prefer they use Arm processors rather than Intel.

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