New Sprint Phones Releasing: Palm Pixi, Samsung Moment, Intrepid, HTC Hero

Sprint has had quite a season for releasing new smartphones starting with the Palm webOS sporting Palm Pre and then the Palm Pixi and now Sprint is hitting the Android platform in a big way with the launch of the HTC Hero and grabbing the Samsung Moment, reports an article on infosyncworld.

Sprint also pushes out a Windows Mobile handset as well with the Samsung Intrepid. The Palm Pre and Palm Pixi we know all about via past reviews, the Samsung Moment is Sprint’s first Android handset from Samsung you can view a video about it (here)

Then there’s the Samsung Intrepid Windows phone relies on Microsoft’s own interface designs so it has the new Zune-like home screen and honeycomb start menu, and runs on EVDO Rev. A, and features a 3.2 megapixel camera; so for the full article hit up the link.


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  1. abcesy says:

    my name is Judy, and I plan to exchange my Hero for the Moment as soon as Best Buy gets it in (I have already talked to them about doing that) precisely because the Moment does have the landscape slider. Don’t you just love having choices? I want to stay with Sprint and Android, so I couldn’t be happier that Sprint is committed to providing choices for everyone. Share your view with me at http://www.SamsungMomentForum.com a fans site for the upcoming Samsung Moment.

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