HTC Designer Tattoo covers: Price and Details

Well we all knew that the Tattoo was bound to be a little bit funkier than the rest of the devices in HTC’s Android range didn’t we?

Although having said that the Pink Hero is rather funky in itself, now that same vision is coming to fruition under a whole line of fantastic designer covers. Under the cleverly thought but rather obvious Tattoo My HTC and also Tattoo You catchphrases the company are no offering a whole range of 15 different covers.

And if there isn’t one amongst them that takes your fancy, how about do it yourself, you can design your own from HTC’s website for just $22. This may seem a little much for a battery cover, but they are more than this they actually cover the front and back of the Tattoo, that is sure to impress. Source – engadgetmobile.com

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