Verizon Wireless announced some VZNavigator figures

While at CTIA 2009 in San Diego, Verizon Wireless apparently shared some numbers concerning their mobile navigation service VZNavigator reports intomobile.

Here are those numbers… So far in 2009, VZ Navigator users made 11.5 million more inquiries than in whole 2008; more than 65% of VZ Navigator customers use the service more than three times a week; VZ Navigator mobile consumers ran more than 480,000 searches to find gas stations.

And there’s more… Searches for traffic updates and detours around traffic congestion hit more than 8.5 million per month, an increase of 93% from the previous year; Weather information was also popular with more than 1 million a month requests, a 128% increase from 2008. Searches for movie theatres were up more than 125% over last year, climbing to more than 1 million a month, and that’s your lot.

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