BlackBerry Storm 2 preview and estimated price

We all know just how the original BlackBerry Storm went down when Research In Motion pushed it out with bugs and performance issues galore, although fixed with updates the rep of the handset was damaged.

But with the new BlackBerry Storm 2 the hopes are they bad rep will fad, and according to an article over on Cnet, RIM stopped at their offices and gave them an almost final BlackBerry Storm 2 handset to try out.

They say the revamped SurePress touch screen, new features and updated software make the BlackBerry Storm 2 better than the original although there were a couple of issues. They also say they expect the Storm 2 will ship in November and carry a price tag of roughly $200 on a 2 year contract. We also have a video of the above for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below.

Update: For some reason the video below is not working so please visit Cnet to watch the video, do come back and share your thoughts..