Fish Tank in your hand LG GD900 Crystal

Remember the days when almost everyone knew of at least one person if not yourself that actually had a virtual pet on a keyring?

Okay, I suppose some wont actually admit to that but you know who you are, well how about a little piece of life that actually roams freely around your phone? Somebody in China has come up with this idea, probably after seeing the much talked about LG GD900 Crystal in a fish tank.

They have popped out the hollow keypad of their Crystal and inserted two little neon tetras, insert some water and snap keypad back on. There is no saying as to how long these little fellows will last, but the chances are that PETA will be after your rear end before something goes wrong. Have a look at the video as well if you dare! To find out more and watch the video go to engadgetmobile.com

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