O2 UK Yesterday with Palm Pre: How did it go?

So the Palm Pre smartphone has finally become available in the United Kingdom exclusively through O2 as of yesterday, and has a several features that will tempt the public reports an article on mobile shop.

The Palm Pre has been dubbed the iPhone killer, but as O2 UK also offer the iPhone 3GS it will be interesting to see just how the Palm Pre affects iPhone sales from O2.

So, with the Palm Pre now available via O2 UK where you one to rush off to your local O2 store to grab the Palm Pre on the first day?

If you did, then feel free to drop us a line letting us know how it went and if you’re satisfied with your new Palm Pre.


One thought on “O2 UK Yesterday with Palm Pre: How did it go?”

  1. Paul Cooke says:

    Ive been playing with my pre all weekend.

    Nice but some niggles.

    No ereader available for people with existing books.

    Mine doesnt work with Iplayer,,Its ok copied songs to realplayer and hey presto.

    score atm 4 stars

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