Project Dark in Leaked T-Mobile ad

Project Dark, you are trying to keep us in suspense aren’t you, but Boy Genius Report think they know what your all about.

It’s a difficult one to feel really confident about, without some proof in the form of documentation, great news as we have obtained a leaked picture of a T-Mobile advertisement which appears to be a part of project Dark and it seems to confirm what’s been said for almost a week.

Look at the tagline, coverage you need, price you want, and the handset you crave. That would imply a rapid 21Mbps HSPA roll out, a $50 unlimited plan, and handsets like the Bold 9700, CLIQ, Behold II or the N900 wouldn’t it? Most of us thought that Project Dark had a single unlimited plan but now there’s the mention of even more and even more plus which has us a little confused. To find out more simply visit boygeniusreport.com

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