BlackBerry OS 5 Downloads for Tour, Bold, Storm, 8900 and 8520

As we already know, BlackBerry Messenger is available and the guys over at blackberrycool have brought together some BlackBerry OS 5 downloads together.

Although one has to remember that the links in their post are leaked versions of BlackBerry OS 5 and waiting for the official version of BlackBerry OS 5 from BlackBerry is probably safer.

Anyway, apparently the official release of BlackBerry OS 5 will feature…a more responsive experience and includes usability and visual enhancements, typing accuracy and selection have been significantly refined, BlackBerry Browser improved with faster JavaScript and CSS processing as well as support for Gears and BlackBerry Widgets.

While BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 gains the ability to manage Microsoft Exchange email folders, access remote files shares (Windows Shares); Save, View, Edit, and Email documents from remote file shares, set follow-up Flags, forward appointments and view calendar attachments, and benefit from wireless sync improvements for Contacts, including sync for multiple contact folders, personal Distribution Lists and contacts in Public/Shared folders.

Follow the link for those download links.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry OS 5 Downloads for Tour, Bold, Storm, 8900 and 8520”

  1. ColtonCat says:

    I tried the first leaked version that BGR found ( on my bold a couple of months back, and it was horrible in terms of maturity. Many of my apps would not run and the berry would randomly reboot.

    A couple of weeks back for the Bold was leaked, so I chose to download and install that again. A major difference. Everything works on my Bold, including Facebook, Messenger 5, My currency tools etc, the Google Maps and so on. Uber Twitter was broken.

    I wrote a review with screenshots of this version, which looks different to the intial screenshots and which will probably be much closer to what will be released to the carriers.