Christian Dior Releases new luxury handsets for December

Even in today’s economy there seems to still be a place for luxury mobile phones especially if you have enough cash on your hip. This time round it’s justluxe that report that Christian Dior has now announced the release of the 2nd generation luxury mobile phone line for December 09.

The new Christian Dior line up delivers additional handsets which come gold plated and black PVC coated with sapphire crystals, and all for just $6,500, or maybe you will opt for one of two models that come encrusted with diamonds, the Zelie in red at $7,900 or the Zenaide in white at $13,400.

Then there’s the Christian Dior Nacre that is housed in mother-of-pearl at $8,700, of course if you purchase a mobile phone you’ll need a Bluetooth headset which sports either black or white jewels at $470.


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