Nokia to sue Apple for infringing with the iPhone

Not just the largest mobile maker in the world, but they also hold a lot of technology patents that assist in making the wireless world go round.

As you would expect Nokia is none too happy when other companies use their property without paying their dues. It has been announced today that Nokia will be suing Apple for infringing on 10 of the said patents with the iPhone. The patents relate to GSM, UMTS and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) technologies that the iPhone uses to connect to wireless networks.

Nokia has claimed to have invested some 40 million euros and 20 years of research into securing their numerous wireless patents, and of course want to ensure a return on those investments. For further information please visit intomobile.com


3 thoughts on “Nokia to sue Apple for infringing with the iPhone”

  1. The damn phone has been out for over 2 years. They are obviously not aggressively enforcing the rights violations they are alleging after so much time. Legally they might be within the time frame, but we all know that companies wait years so that settlements will be higher than ever.

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