Video: HTC HD2 with IE Mobile Multi-touch

Up until now ZuneHD was the only multi-touch version of Internet Explorer, but now there is apparently another as mobile tech world posts a video of IE Mobile 6 sporting multi-touch capabilities.

So we have said video for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below of the HTC HD2 smartphone running Internet Explorer 6 with multi-touch.

The performance looks fairly snappy for rendering and zooming along with screen rotation. The video lasts a cool six minutes but unfortunately unless you understand Greek the commentary is pretty useless; still, hit up the video and enjoy the IE multi-touch on the HTC HD2.


One thought on “Video: HTC HD2 with IE Mobile Multi-touch”

  1. FrogPad says:

    I am including the video of the one handed SoftFrog on tablets and mobiles. These are both in Beta stage, yet are working very well. Because the FrogPad IP is multi touch, we are using both multi touch and single touch technologies on our SoftFrog. FrogPad is now a proven User Interface.

    I suggest that it can be an alternative/additional user interface for all Multi Touch applications.



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