BlackBerry Bold 9700 all singing all dancing 3G

We all do it rushing around most of the time, trying to get things done in the quickest possible time, and now the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will assist you on both the work and the play front.

With even faster HSPDA connection on board and 3G, it’ll be sure to give Apple’s iPhone a run for its money in the web surfing stakes. This is Research In Motions second new device in just over a week coming closely behind the Blackberry Storm2, its replacement touch screen device.

The latest Bold will be far more mainstream and not just for business people only. It has been shrunk and it is now closer to the size of the Curve. Memory can be boosted to 16GB with a card and you get 2GB included in the box. To find out more visit thesun.co.uk

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