Poll: Could the Motorola Droid destroy iPhone sales?

The iPhone is still doing well for Apple as shown by their record sales, so it would seem quite crazy to mount a challenge to the king of smartphone, but Verizon, Motorola and Google are doing just that reports adage.

They are of course on about the teaser advert from Verizon about the Motorola Droid and zeroing in on some of the iPhone’s shortcomings like no physical keyboard. So far several reviewers have been quite impressed with the Droid, but could it damage the iPhone?

Apparently analysts say it is doubtful Droid can dethrone the iPhone, much like the recent iPhone crown challengers, the Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm, both tried and failed, and iPhone sales continue to boom.

So could the Motorola Droid destroy iPhone sales, I don’t think so, but what are your views? Please vote in our poll below.

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Could the Motorola Droid destroy iPhone sales?”

  1. Hassan says:

    Android will take over the leadership in the mobile space, maybe not with the Droid itself, but with all the handsets comming out, it’s just a matter of time before Android becomes the main mobile OS.
    it feels just like in the 80s where apple limited it’s os to their hardware only and MS allowed it to be installed on any hardware. Everybody knows what happened after that.

  2. Barbara says:

    They might lose a few sales but will keep many loyal iPhone users. I am currently with Sprint and was all set to go to AT&T because I wanted the iPhone until I saw the Droid. I am going with Verizon now so I guess they lost one sale but I doubt they will see a mass exodus from AT&T.

  3. Chris says:

    After how horribly Apple has treated it’s early adopters, dragged it’s feet on key features, and played loose with it’s store, Apple has left the door open for someone to clean it’s clock.

  4. idiots says:


    Android will never beat out Nokia or Apple. Maybe Blackberry but I have a feeling even they will recover. Apple has 1 phone on 1 carrier and they have nearly beat out Blackberry in market share thats impressive. Apple is number 3 in smartphone market share and they only have 1 device on 1 carrier. It will only get better next year when Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile get the new IPhone. Yea thats right 1 phone on all of the networks except US Cellular(which will be bought by one of the others next year) made by Apple and it will own the number 1 spot in marketshare. The Iphone is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is a ground breaking device and no one has come close to making anything comparable to it.


    The Droid will disapoint you, its nothing like the IPhone, yea it has a better camera but the IPhone can do so much more. I can promise you that it will upset you cause its not as good as the hype is making it seem. Besides why would you want a phone that you can’t use over seas?

  5. to idiots says:

    Hey Idiots –

    Just like your name states.

    Where did you get that bogus info that iphone almost has Blackberry beat out on market share? Maybe on year over year growth they do but NOT EVEN CLOSE for market share:

    RIM currently has 19.5% and Apple has 10.7%.

    Both grew in 2009 at the expense of Nokia (translation: that means Nokia’s share shrank).

    What else does the iphone do for you? give you dry handies?

    Think twice before submitting bogus comments

  6. knowURrole says:


    Check it out fanboy, there isnt “so much more” that you can do w/ that shiny piece of poop that you call an iphone. can you be on the run multiple apps simultaneously? That thing does not multitask at all. You finally got MMS and video, congratulations you just caught up to the thousands of phones that have been out for a decade.

    When are you going to realize that you lemmings are playing right into Apples brilliant money making marketing campaign. They release a piece of crap w/ just enough features to get ppl, then when ppl are going to leave them, they release another unit (that you have to purchase), then 6mos later you are about to leave again they let you buy a new one.

    The phone that I have now is a piece of crap (att fuze) but by modding it and loading software (that was free) It will do everything that I need it to do. I will be more than happy to own an android device especially w/ a 1Ghz processor. So you keep your cute little novelty and keep buying a new one every 6 months and I will buy a device that will work for the next 2 years.

  7. Thechoaffier says:

    People, grab an iPhone and try it out side to side with a Droid and you’ll see what’s better for you. Otherwise you will end up like @knowURrole, having no idea, clue or anything about what he’s going to comment and talking incredibly ridiculous.

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