TouchPro2 updated to WinMo 6.5 Vodafone

All of you HTC TouchPro2 owners on Vodafone have been patiently waiting for your fancy handset to get Windows Mobile 6.5.

Great news as the wait is over, finally Vodafone have an update ready for you to download, if you want to have a go just follow the link which will take you o a download site and follow the instructions on how to install it properly without losing any important data and messing up your phone.

If however you don’t want to chance it you an take your device into a local store and they will do it for you. To do this yourself you will need broadband connection, your phones USB cable, you will need to download an application to your PC and your battery must have 50% or more. To find out more and get the link simply visit unwiredview.com