iPhone Accessories: New ZoFunk iPhone and iPod case sale

If you are after some really stylish and eye catching iPhone accessories then look no further have we got a treat for you.

Zofunk has been known to offer a wide range of superior stylish quality iPhone and iPod cases as we all; know, but now they are actually giving them away at super low prices while stocks last. There are the Zoclear, Zoe and Zofunk cases which are among those included in the sale.

So if you are looking for something new to brighten up your iPhone or iPod then be sure not too miss it.
Discounts will be applied at checkout on entering a coupon code, stuck for ideas for Christmas? Know someone with an iPhone or iPod then look no further. Source – mobilehack.com


3 thoughts on “iPhone Accessories: New ZoFunk iPhone and iPod case sale”

  1. Jennifer says:

    coupon code: h85off15
    coupon detail: 15% off for first 100 customers only

    I’ve seen many breakable plastic metallic “feel” cases, but this one is made out of very thin actual aluminum with uv coating layer on. Bought a silver one and it feels like they made a case out of my silver Camry body. It’s like i got nothing on my phone. Good stuff.

    The cases comes with high quality mirror screen protector, and apple logo protector in the back. and it all came with FREE shipping