O2 UK HTC HD2 Sighting Online: When will it be released?

There has been an exciting appearance discovered recently on O2’s website.

The HTC HD2 has been spotted on O2’s website in a drop down in an accessory category, there isn’t any mention though yet of when it may actually be released on the UK carrier. Or even when it may actually be seen in the states.

The HDC HD2 is said to deliver an experience that your senses have been waiting for, it has a 4.3 inch pixel packed display which is oh so stunning. It also has an amazing 1 Ghz processing power to ensure a super smooth and fast response to the touch of your finger. Source – wmexperts.com


4 thoughts on “O2 UK HTC HD2 Sighting Online: When will it be released?”

  1. Jam the Man says:

    I contacted O2 today as my contract is up for renewal next month and the operator told me that the phone should be out next week along with O2’s new catalogue which should feature it in depth. Having said that I visited the O2 shop here and the lady suggested that it would be some time at the end of next month but no definate dates. Heres hoping !

  2. Tracey J says:

    The o2 store in Milton Keynes told us that the phone was for release on w/c 16th October but they were expecting it to arrive on the 19th. That date has come and gone and no sign of the phone. Apparently the phone is now due for release on teh o2 network around mid-November and this will probably be a similar date to the sim free versions that are available for pre-order on sites such as Expansys. I wonder if the delay has something to do with the Palm Pre’s release. Can’t wait for this HTC offering to come out though!

  3. Will says:

    Just got an e-mail from mobiles.co.uk saying HTC HD2 will be out next week on o2 and is available to preorder. Tarrifs are up on mobiles.co.uk.

  4. Jam the Man says:

    Great just saw the tariffs. I am currently paying £35 per month but was wondering if I will get a free bolt on with that tariff as I am now. I reckon this is an i phone beater and will be the envy of many i phone users. I read that O2 are still testing the phone hence the delay! Lets hope they do it properly and not like the N97 premature release by other providers.