Poll: Is TomTom Car Kit for Apple iPhone too expensive?

The TomTom Car Kit for iPhone is now available to buy and we would love to know if it is too expensive for what it is.

You can buy the TomTom Car Kit for iPhone 3G and 3GS for UK £99.95, US $119.95, ok yes there is some award winning technology within according to the Apple Store like IQ Routes which basically means smart and very efficient route any time of day.

The TomTom Car Kit main features includes: Secure docking that keeps your iPhone well in place, Enhanced GPS signal for the most accurate positioning, Easy-to-hear voice instructions with built-in speaker, Advanced TomTom navigation and so much more.

So let us know if you think the TomTom Car Kit for iPhone is too expensive by voting on our poll system below.

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One thought on “Poll: Is TomTom Car Kit for Apple iPhone too expensive?”

  1. I’ve always liked to think that when a device consolidates a variety of functionality that, once I’ve paid for the device itself, all of the ancillary functionality should be free or inexpensive. (And I can’t call $120US ‘inexpensive.’)

    Such is clearly not the case with the Tom Tom car kit!

    Of course, I wouldn’t be the first person to think of the iPhone as being as much of a ‘commerce platform’ as a device.

    Still, I do love having all-in-one devices, and I probably wouldn’t be complaining about the cost if (1) I were a frequent GPS-user and (2) I had more disposable income.

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