Verizon Droid: Can it take down the iPhone?

So Verizon has now taken the wraps off the Motorola Droid, and Verizon CEO John Stratton has confirmed the Droid will hit on November 6th at $199 on a 2 year agreement reports csmonitor.

They also report that in a press conference Stratton seems to confirm the rumours of several Droid smartphones coming from Verizon, saying, “The partnership between Verizon and Google will be a multiyear partnership … under the Droid franchise.”

The next line is somewhat predictable as they say, “Verizon is positioning the first Droid as an iPhone killer,” and continues with “a handset that could surpass Apple’s best-selling smartphone.”

Personally I use an Android handset, I like Android, but I still don’t think Droid has what it takes to take down the iPhone, what are your views?


One thought on “Verizon Droid: Can it take down the iPhone?”

  1. Mark says:

    The Droid looks amazing, and this coming from a strong Apple and iPhone fan! My main question is when will it be coming to the UK?