Pandora 1.1.2 update available fixes OS 5.0 issues

Pandora has now released update 1.1.2 for Pandora 5.0 which corrects the 26 second song skip issue in 5.0 OS reports an article over on Crackberry.

Pandora posted…”Good news – we just put up the new Pandora 1.1.2 update for 5.0 operating systems including Storm 9530 on 5.0 and the new Storm 9550. Other non-5.0 devices will have to wait a few days before it will be available while we finish testing; however most of the changes in 1.1.2 are to support the 5.0 OS.”

Pandora shows some love to the Blackberry Storm 2 as well but if however you are not running a BlackBerry Storm device you’ll need to keep checking to see when the update becomes available if your Storm is running OS 5.0

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