Motorola Droid not iPhone Slayer says Analysts

Is the new Motorola Droid the much sort after iPhone slayer? Apparently not as an article over on eweek reports Gartner and Forester Research analysts say Droid is nice but not an iPhone slayer.

Analysts conclude after early reviews that the Android 2.0 packing Motorola Droid which ships on November 6th on Verizon for $199 on a 2 year contract isn’t up to slaying the iPhone, and if there is an “iPhone slayer” the world hasn’t seen it yet.

According to the article the Motorola Droid hype triggered a letdown once some reviewers actually got hold of the smartphone to test. Gartner analyst, Ken Dulaney has said that the Droid wouldn’t make the iPhone cough up its mantle as king smartphone, for the full article hit up the link.


2 thoughts on “Motorola Droid not iPhone Slayer says Analysts”

  1. Paul says:

    Why does there need to be an iPhone slayer? It’s not the best phone on the market but then again no phone around at the moment is the best phone on the market. I’ve used an iPhone and it’s not worth it. Yes, it looks kind of pretty (although now slightly dated – it hasn’t changed in quite a few years) and it has a decent interface (again, not much of a change) but it just doesn’t cut it. it’s a phone for dumbed down Smartphone users. Maybe that’s why it’s so overly popular in the states. I’ll stick with my G1 for now. May not be an “iPhone slayer” but it’s much better in my eyes.

  2. Sukey says:

    This is a lie. I have some crazy idea that the people from AT T have caused you to put this up. This is the only article stating this. CNET gave it 4 stars, PC Magazine gave it a 90, (Higher than the iphone’s 89!), and the list goes on. This article on eweek as well as your following up to it is very shady and uncomprehendable.

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