ETF may be raised by Verizon to halt scammers

If you are thinking of pulling a fast one with the new BlackBerry Storm 2 Verizon BOGO deal by selling the handset on eBay and then cancelling a line you just may like to know that Verizon Wireless is rumoured to raise their ETF for high end handset reports the Boy Genius Report.

Apparently the raised ETF will begin as of the 15th of November and will cover high end handsets such as the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 and the Motorola Droid to $350.

Word has it the ETF would then decrease by $5 per month, but this is all speculation at present and thus far hasn’t been confirmed but it would make sense considering how easy it is to rip off a carrier by getting a new smartphone, cancelling and paying the early termination fee and selling the handset on at usually a high profit.