Video: Unlocking Palm Pre webOS handset with Rebel Simcard II

Would you like to pay only £10.99 ($17.95) to part with your carrier and have an unlocked Palm Pre? Of course you would and thanks to a little device you now can.

Say hello to the Rebel Simcard II, the video below explains how it all works so we recommend you watch it. This only goes out to all those Europe-based Palm Pre users who wish to part wings with the exclusive Pre carrier in their country.

The Rebel Simcard II sits right between your carrier’s SIM, yes O2’s SIM in this case and this card will bypass network locks which will then allow you access to other networks of your choice including 3G data.

We hold no responsibility if you ever try this product, we just report the news. Now please watch the video below.

Source — Engadget Mobile

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