iPhone, King of Touch Screen Handsets

The smartphone is taking over the mobile phone industry, and leading that industry is the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones, with the lead in touch screen handsets being taken firmly by the iPhone.

According to iphones talk, a recent survey conducted by ComScore estimated that there are just less than 24 million touch screen handset users in the USA which is a significant growth over the expected 9,200,000 users of a little over one year ago meaning the growth rate is over 150 percent.

Of those 24 million users over 7.5 million of them use the iPhone, a fairly significant number, and no doubt that figure will continue to grown keeping the iPhone the king of the smartphones.

Of the 24 million or so people that are using touch screens, over 7.5 million of them were using the iPhone. When you think of all the different makers of cell phones that are on the market and then the different varieties of touch screens that are out there, this is a pretty significant number. The scary thing is that the number continues to grow every day as they release more and more applications and they continue to separate themselves from the competition.

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