Telus Black’s Photo now listing BlackBerry Storm 2 9550

Black’s Photo is owned by Telus and it now shows that they are listing the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550, they also list a few other phones which we have listed below.

There has been no announcement of the carriers in Canada for the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 as of yet and that include TELUS, but what we do know is thanks to Cellphones etc is that it will be coming. This phone has the improved Piezo-based touchscreen and it also has WiFi.

Just so you know the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 is not compatible with their new HSPA network, it only comes with EVDO Rev. Other phones listed on Black’s Photo include: HTC Hero, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Storm2 9550, BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry Curve 8330, BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230, Nokia E71, LG Versa 9600, LG Masterpiece 7100, LG 5500, LG Keybo2, Motorola Rival A455, Samsung Intensity U450, Motorola VE465, LG 5500 and Samsung Intensity U450.

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