Verizon Wireless: HTC Eris DROID $99 after $100 Online Discount

Verizon Wireless Online is selling the HTC Eris DROID for only a mere $99, we already mentioned not so long ago about this price; back then it was just a rumour.

Great news for all Verizon Wireless lovers who wish to get their hands on the all new HTC Eris DROID, because now the rumours are over and reality is here. Yes you can now get your hands on the HTC Eris DROID $99 thanks to the $100 Online Discount; this is on a 2-year contract.

On a 1-year contract the handset would normally cost you $269.99, but thanks to the $100 online discount you can pick it up for only $169.99. You can also buy it on the month-to-month basis for $469.99.

Check out the online deal over on the Verizon Wireless Online Store.

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