Verizon Wireless Online selling Motorola DROID for $199.99 after discount

Verizon Wireless right now is selling the Motorola DROID for $199.99 after discount which is just what the doctor ordered.

Normally on a 2-year contract the Motorola Droid on the Verizon online store would set you back $299.99 but thanks to the $100.00 online discount you can pick it up for a mere $199.99. We did mention Wirefly selling the DROID earlier for $149.99 shipped.

They are also offering other deals such as on a 1-year contract normal price of $369.99 has been reduced to $269.99 which is what you will pay after the $100.00 online discount; you can also buy the DROID on a month-to-month basis for $559.99.

Go buy your Motorola DROID right now via Verizon Wireless.

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