Is HTC Droid Eris Better Than Motorola Droid?

The new Motorola Droid, the purported new “iPhone killer” will not kill the iPhone because it has some real flaws which make it less enterprise friendly that the iPhone; however according to computer world, the HTC Droid Eris is a better and cheaper mobile handset than the Motorola Droid.

They do state that both Droids are compelling devices and their WebKit browsers work well much the same as the iPhone’s, however the reviewer was surprised to find they preferred the HTC Droid Eris over the Motorola Droid.

First off apparently the HTC UI is better and has cool features like being able to show email previews on the home screen along with a quick access menu bar. The UI uses pop-down menus extensively in applications to allow the setting of preferences; so for that full article hit up the link to find out why the Droid Eris is better than the Droid.


One thought on “Is HTC Droid Eris Better Than Motorola Droid?”

  1. Ryan says:

    I own an iphone and went to check out the droid. I found myself likeing the eris way more than the driod. Its small sleek and feels similar to the iphone. Its lack of moving parts makes it feel more solid and even feels better than my iphone in your hand.