Bell HSPA Coverage Dominated Rogers in Eastern Canada says map

Well now if you though mobile phone coverage battles where only Verizon’s thing as shown by their commercial whereby they slate AT&T’s coverage, you’d be quite wrong because apparently Canada Bell has now taken up the coverage gauntlet.

According to an article over on mobile syrup a couple of interesting coverage maps have leaked out from Bell and they clearly show the new Bell HSPA+ coverage areas in blue while showing Rogers coverage in red, and it does show Bell are dominant.

They say it’s 3x larger coverage than Rogers in Eastern Canada, but when you look at all that blue against the tiny red well does 3x larger coverage seem enough?

Not too sure if this map is entirely correct but it would be good to know if anyone in those areas can actually confirm Bell’s claims; and it does look like Bell has taken a leaf out of Verizon’s book and giving Rogers a right old coverage slap.


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