BlackBerry Bold 9700 Battery Life is Freak’n Amazing?

Apparently the Research In Motion BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone has some “freak’n amazing” battery life according to Kevin over at Crackberry who has apparently been going round asking everyone he comes across with a BlackBerry Bold 9700 “So how about that battery life on the BlackBerry Bold 9700?”

He’s not too sure what Research In Motion have done short of waved a magic wand in the developer labs or even stuck moon isotopes under the battery cover, or even rewrote and optimised the radio stack, but he says whatever RIM did is has worked.

Over the past few years RIM has crammed features into the BlackBerry which has taken a toll on battery life, but apparently the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has changed that and he says delivers an easy two days of life.

The screen capture is of his Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 after exactly 24 hours of steady use and this morning he still had over “half the juice” left whereas his original BlackBerry Bold 900 would have hit yellow bars; so it does look like RIM have solved the battery life problem, now is there anyone who has a BlackBerry Bold 9700 who can confirm this out there?


20 thoughts on “BlackBerry Bold 9700 Battery Life is Freak’n Amazing?”

  1. Rashawn Willie says:

    Yo, you had a few typo’s, but nice battery life review. But in my experience Blackberry has always had good battery life, especially the first Curve from T-Mo. From wat I’m hearing now it seems like it’s great now. Looking forward to seeing it for myself, I’ll be back to let you know.

  2. Johnny Ringo says:

    The 9700 is better than the classic Bold by a stretch.
    Same bright screen etc so you would think the battery drain woud still be the same, right?
    But no it is pretty much sorted. Except, well is it just me but 2 days of phone life is still pretty minimal. Csll me greedy but I want the phone to make it through the weekend without any worries.
    The answer is to use a little app called autostandby it sorted mine out a treat now I get 3-4 days straight on the Bold2.
    More like it, right?

  3. Jake says:

    Battery life on the 9700 is VERY good. After TWO FULL DAYS of almost non-stop use, browsing the web, navigating across town with the gps, tethering via bluetooth, using the UMA via wifi, playing music, talking on the phone, typing up and reading emails, shooting video, and more, I still have 25% of the battery life remaining.

    My old blackberry, an 8900, would have drained its battery within a single day with this type of activity.

    I think the main factor in this dramatic improvement of battery life is taking the higher-capacity battery of the old Bold, and marrying it with the less power-hungry/smaller screen comparable to the smaller Curve series which usually have smaller batteries.

    In fact, if you hold the new 9700 next to an 8900, the 9700 feels a lot heavier (some call it sturdier) because of the enormous battery supporting that smaller screen.

    I’m not sure why the improvement in battery life would be a mystery to anyone considering the factors mentioned, but the better battery life sure is NICE!

  4. cadman says:

    Hi I have been reading your comments and wondered how you got the phone to run for two days with non stop use on a previous thread.

    I have just bought the 9700 and its a great phone but the battery life is pretty poor and i am lucky to get 24hrs even on standby..

    I am on bes and due to the break haven’t been using it but it still drains quickly which is a worry.

    I also set it to auto switch on and off at night and went to bed last night at 12 with half the bar left, when I woke this morning it was back on with orange bar.

    Any comments would be appreciated as i am worried the battery may have a fault

  5. Newuser says:

    I have had my BB Bold 9700 for less than 3 weeks and the battery performance is poor. Drain quickly even on stand by.

  6. ekinchi says:

    I have the same problem. My battery life is very short. I’m very upset. What should I do? Buying new battery? Or maybe we doing something wrong? I suppose that some application stay on background and waste energy. If somebody knows how to check and close background applications pleas help us. I beginning to hate my first ( and if the problem will continue, last) Blackberry device!!!

  7. quaff says:

    i’ve had my bold 9700 for almost 2 months now, and I am not getting anywhere near 2 days. i close all my applications after using them, i have wifi and blue tooth turned off, i use my phone for bbm and texting mostly. my phone drops to about 50% within 6 hours.

  8. cantbeasked says:

    i agree the battery life is poor but the phone is brilliant – iv always found blackberrys have limited battery life – but having said that – i purchased the nokia n71 which has similiar features – however it seems like nokia also suffer from terrible battery life – I guess these modern technology and applications consume more energy where as when you had a simple phone battery life seemed to last a lot longer…

  9. Jebus_GT says:


    I am having the same issues with the battery life…

    I am wondering if it has to do with the trackpad always being active…?

    Having the Blackberry in your pocket, may set off the trackpad sensor, and keep the phone active, rather than standby… I’ve noticed my phone gets quite hot after removing it from my jacket pocket, and my battery almost drained completely after about 12hrs of non-use…
    I’ve tried using the lock button at the top, but it does not disable the trackpad.

    Any thoughts on how to disable the trackpad from use when locking your phone? I’ve tried everything so far, and only thing I can think of now, is using the holster, which gets annoying…

    Any help on disabling the trackpad when locked, would be very helpful!


  10. Vivian says:

    I have a problem with the baterry. Bought it 1 month ago and the baterry used to perform very well. But I was about to run an application tonight then suddenly the phone went off, I restarted it, there was “battery drained” on the screen! anyone could help? is it a time I should buy a new baterry? but how could it be like that within 1 month?

  11. Ian says:

    I bought my blackberry 9700 last week and thought it was a really good mobile, but now I’m beginning to regret it as the battery life is awfully, less than 2 daysand mostly on standby! Bit of a relief others think the same, I was used to getting 4-5 days on my old Samsung and only changed it because I thought that the battery was starting to fail……..oh the irony!! Should I return the phone as being faulty?

  12. remington steele says:

    i had my 9700 for a week and the battery was draining after a day. i took it back to o2 and they sent it back for fixing. apparently it got a software update and i have just got 3 days out of 1 charge, i am not a heavy user. i would suggest that you take it back, unless we all do this it wont get sorted.

  13. djgregas says:

    Not true at any level I had to go out and buy a second battery just so I would be able to make it thru the day if you use any data programs you can hang it up very poor battery,if you want to see a good performing battery then take a look at the nokia e71 blackberry should update and replace all 9700 battery s for there loyal customers I will keep my receipt

  14. wolfy says:

    What can I say?? Iv had my 9700 for well over 2 months now and I must have been lucky. My battery will last 2 days ( just) BUT bb messenger msn messenger bluetooth and wifi are on 24 7!!!

    Make about 1 – 2 hrs of calls a day depending. E mail sms as any normal person would

    Not sure how I could drain my battery in one day unless I had you tube on etc

    I hope you all have your battery problems sorted ASAP!!!!

    My partner has a 3gs and what can I say now that has a battery problem !!!

  15. wolfy says:

    Sorry forgot to mention I was on my bb when I came across this web page so as you can see I use it quite a lot

  16. Will says:

    The battery on my 9700 is actually terrible. Last night I went to my girlfriends house at around 10:30, and before I left I had charged my phone to 100% (so i wouldn’t have to worry about bringing my charger and charging it there). While I was there I was maybe on my phone for about 10 minutes sending a couple texts. Then, i wake up today at 11:00am to find the battery so dead that the phone wont even turn on.
    This is really annoying because I’ve only had the phone for a few weeks now. Does anybody have any suggestions on how i can fix this?? Or is the battery bunged up and done for??

  17. KC says:

    I can’t figure out how you got it to go 24 hours. IF I return 10 emails, 5 BBM, Im usually out of battery by 12:00. And that is after I fully charged it. I have to charge it every night! I have switched out the battery several times. Yes, If I didn’t have any apps maybe I would get a longer battery life but I don’t have too many 5 to be exact.
    I had better battery life more apps and returned twice as many emails, and BBM messages on my curve and never had this issue. This phone really isn’t all that great!

  18. Jaxson says:

    The battery life on my 9700 is excellent, by far the best battery on a phone I've had in all my years of mobile fun. Love the phone, haven't got a bad word to say about it.

  19. Mom of 3 BlackBerrys says:

    My son and I both purchased the 9700 and exchanged both for new ones due to poor battery life when their rep suggested it may simply be the phone and offerred replacements to try again. One replacement has shown "very slight" improvement while the other has not. We waited for this phone to come out for the features but have to admit we are both very disappointed. Previously I owned the Pearl, he the Curve and both maintained their battery life far longer. What happened BlackBerry? You've let us down.

  20. BBB says:

    well the GPS thing is certainly imprtant…i have noticed a considerable improvement in battery life since i disabled GPS. I was not aware that it was on by default.