Nokia N900 Now Shipping: Can it beat iPhone, BlackBerry or Motorola?

Good news has just come in about the Nokia N900; yes the Nokia N900 is now officially shipping to all you customers that pre-ordered the device.

Can this be the product that will battle it out with the likes of the iPhone, BlackBerry Storm 2 and of course the Motorola Droid, time will tell as they say. Wonder what the consumers will think of the Nokia N900, we cannot wait for the consumer reviews to come flying in.

Reuters published this news this morning and Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who is Nokia’s Chief Executive said that the company has started deliveries of the phone on Tuesday (Today).

The awesome N900 model is Nokia’s first ever phone that will be running the Linux Maemo operating system, just so you know Nokia has kept its overall market share stable, close to 40 percent, but it has lost share among more expensive models to the likes of Apple (AAPL.O) and RIM (RIMM.O)(RIM.TO).

Source – Engadget


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