Video: Adobe Photoshop Mobile for Android Devices

The other month Adobe launched their Photoshop application for the iPhone, and now apparently Adobe is targeting the Android platform as they bring Photoshop Mobile to Android which is apparently already available on the Android Market and works with all existing Android models.

Apparently according to mashable the new Adobe Photoshop Mobile for Android has been tested on the myTouch 3G and the original Android smartphone the T-Mobile G1 so there is no real reason why Adobe Photoshop for Android shouldn’t work on other Android based handsets.

As with the Adobe Photoshop app for the iPhone, the Android version of the application also enables the user to alter their photos on their Android phone or on their Photoshop. Com account, and furthermore the user can also set up their handset to upload all new photos automatically.

Once upload the user can access the photos, and edit them whenever they wish from either their mobile phone or via the computer. Well we have for your viewing pleasure a video demonstration of Adobe Photoshop Mobile for Android which lasts almost eight and a half minutes and can be viewed below, so check it out and enjoy.

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