Droid, iPhone, Hero, Pixi, Storm 2 or CLIQ for Christmas?

With Christmas fast approaching, if you are anything like me, finding a good present is getting harder every year. However as the holiday season approaches, the mind turns to what to get, and well this year there are at least quite a few new smartphones to choose from.

And so the guys over at adage have gazed into their festive crystal ball and come up with their predictions of what smartphone will be success or not on 6 of this years new smartphone offerings…

According to the guys, a new survey states that in excess of one third of potential smartphone buyers it choose the iconic king of smartphones the iPhone and the $99 price on the 3G model will probably help and there’s rumour of a lower priced 8GB iPhone 3GS as well.

They also predict the new Verizon Droid to stem Verizon customer losses to the iPhone and have dubbed the Droid as a real challenger to the iPhone mainly due to Verizon’s network.

Another 4 handsets come into their predictions and they say the BlackBerry Storm 2 probably will not be a great hit, while the Palm Pre’s cousin the Palm Pixi won’t pull in a big share either although its price tag of $99 should keep it in the game.

Then there’s the Motorola CLIQ which should succeed with the younger T-Mobile customer, and finally the HTC Hero that has had a good momentum due to strong sales in October but could face opposition from the Samsung Moment this month.

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