AT&T to Refund Early Termination Fees to Unicel Customers

Unicel customers are to receive early termination fee refunds along with be able to retain their mobile phone rate plans after switching to AT&T according to the terms of a settlement announced by the Attorney General’s office in Vermont reports the Rutland Herald.

Under the settlement terms AT&T is required to continue service to Unicel customers who have not selected AT&T or other mobile phone provider by the cut off date in December and provide customers free of charge AT&T mobile handsets and furthermore AT&T will be required to pay the state some $230,000.

Elliot Burg, assistant attorney general has said that the situation was unfair to Unicel subscribers and what to do about it due to no one having the ability to keep the Unicel billing platform active after the cut off date of December the 22nd.

When AT&T purchased Unicel they voluntarily agreed to offer customers similar plans and rates that Unicel did and AT&T did put in place similar calling plans but never offered numerous Unicel customers the option and were rather directed to AT&T standard plans which had a higher cost and less minutes.

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