Nokia Mobile Banking expected commercial release Q1 2010

Looks like Nokia is to expand to new heights and its new Nokia Mobile Banking is expected for commercial release Q1 2010, Nokia is aiming to push multi-operator, multi-bank and multi-device collaboration on mobile banking.

This all new mobile banking and payment service is expected for commercial release somewhere in the first quarter of 2010 but no location of where has been divulged as of yet, according to Teppo Paavola, vice president, general manager of mobile financial services, Nokia at the moment cannot talk about the new service not until the service details has been fully confirmed, details about what bank it will partner with in any market.

Nokia hope to target the masses and so much so they estimate to reach 300 million active users of its services by the end of 2011, global mobile payments market is apparently worth a staggering €18 billion by 2014 which split up means €6 billion from developed markets and €12 billion from emerging markets, so this is big business when you look at the numbers.

This new service is expected to work on any device and not just Nokia devices; we will let you know more about this service as soon as we get more details sent to us. Do you think this new service will be a good thing or simply not something you would like to have?

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Source — Total Telecom