HTC Update 2.0.8 for Android Magic, Hero and Tattoo

This one is for all you HTC Magic, Tattoo and Hero fans out there in Android land as according to an article over on pocket now, HTC has pushed out an official update worldwide for the HTC Hero, HTC Tattoo and the HTC Magic smartphones.

The official update is version 2.0.8 and apparently includes these features; the update for HTC Sync delivers more connectivity betwixt HTC handset and computer, continues to deliver sync between the user’s HTC handset and Outlook.

There are also media enhancements and syncing of contact images and information along with the ability to sync the users HTC phone time with their computer time and vice versa so the user gains the most accurate time no matter where or when they are.

The HTC handset can be synced via a Mini USB or Micro USB cable to deliver syncing your HTC mobile phone with ease. Apparently this ia a PC update which you can gain more details on by hitting up the HTC website.

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