Mobile Accessories to make $55 Billion in 09 says Research

According to the latest research by ABI Research, by the end of the year the global mobile phone accessories market will nearly hit a value of $55 billion which represents a small decrease on 2008 reports an article over on intomobile.

Apparently the problem lies within the memory card market that has been oversupplied and commands selling prices that are only just above production costs and that is something that is likely to change in future.

However there is a plus side and that is mostly mobile phone makers are bundling memory cards with their mobile phones and we are beginning to see some mobile handset shipping with an 8GB memory card.

Naturally the memory card manufacturers have no desire to worry customers and so they are experimenting with ways of increasing their card’s value and thus justify a higher price tag,, with such things as supplying cards pre-loaded with mobile content.


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