Video: The Way We Live Next: Nokia 2 screen handset?

One particular thing of note to emerge from Nokia’s ‘The Way We Live Next’ conference which is underway in Espoo, Finland is the possibility of a two screen Nokia smartphone. Apparently according to an article on noknok, Heikki Norta, the senior VP of Nokia corporate strategy showed off a two screen deice that makes use of ‘The Cloud’ for accessing email, media and files.

Apparently the presentation took a gander at how people will live in the year 2015 and these new mobile phones will help make the world a more “mercurial place,” however will enable people to control their lives more directly.

We have a video of the ‘The Way We Live Next’ Nokia 2015 presentation for your viewing pleasure and the example shows a fisherman in India will not just use his device for getting the best price for his fish but he’ll be making extra cash by sell his data to overseas universities so they can tap the info for research.

The main this all this does show is that Nokia is looking forward towards the future, so maybe that two-screen headset will be part of that future, what do you think? The video can be view below and drop us a comment with your thoughts.

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