Bose in ear headphones from Best Buy

Bose in ear headphones produce a life-like sound quality in a compact design which delivers extremely comfortable fit in the ear and is a lightweight listening solution that features Bose propriety tech for improved performance across the whole audio spectrum.

Bose in ear headphones deliver a life-like clarity range to the user along with a non-annoying comfortable fit and in a convenient portable design that when not in use can easily be slipped into the purse or pocket and feature TriPort acoustic headphone structure.

The Bose in ear headphones come complete with three different sizes of ear tips to ensure the perfect fit quality for the ear, and has a customer rate of 73 percent who would recommend the Bose in ear headphones to their friends.

The Bose in ear headphones can be purchased from Best Buy and command a price tag of $99.99, which is a tad heavy but you do get free shipping.

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