Google Release Android 2.0 Source Code on G1 Already

We all know that the Motorola Droid runs Android 2.0 Éclair and that the Android 2.0 SDK has been available for some time now, but for some reason the Android 2.0 source code has been kept safely guarded under lock and key.

What that all means is developers and manufacturers outside Motorola could only play around with Android 1.6; however, according to an article over on mobile crunch that is about to change as Google has now released the Android 2.0 source code to the Android open source project.

And the word is that less than 2 hours after Google made the source code available, the Android community has Android 2.0 running on the original Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1 and according to lead Android hacker Cyanogen Android 2.0 works well, fast and smooth.

They did make mention that the only thing not working was audio/video playback but they had only been at it for a couple of hours, but one can assume once they’ve played around with it for a couple of days no doubt there will be a tutorial hitting the net waves in the near future so people can root it onto their Android mobile phone.

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