Worldwide BlackBerry Internet Service Outages Reported

It appears BlackBerry Internet Service was experiencing some outage problem yesterday as according to an article over on the boy genius report; multiple reports were coming in of BIS outages globally.

We’re not too sure on the reason, but apparently the BIS outage is not just confined to specific carriers or country, but appears to be quite an extensive outage all over the world, so it does look like a large problem.

They guys reports that they reckon about 75 to 80 percent in terms of users being affected, which is quite a substantial number in anyone’s books, but I’m sure BlackBerry will be on the case and trying to get BIS sorted in short order.

Personally I don’t use a BlackBerry smartphone, but I’m sure many of our readers do, so have you experienced the outage problem, and if so let us know your feelings on the subject by dropping us a comment below.


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  1. Hi my name is Kash. I use the blackberry for Business and I have been experiencing the outage for 2 days now. When I called my carrier they didn’t have a clue what was wrong! Bell Canada had no idea what was happening but thanks to you I know now. Hope everything is back up quickly.

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