Apple iPhone 4G Rumours: Insight Facts

The iPhone 4G smartphone, there have been numerous rumours over this version of the iconic iPhone, and although it is quite impossible to check on facts for the handset as the iPhone 4G doesn’t actually exist, bitrebels takes a look at the possibilities.

There are apparently 4 basic rumours to the iPhone 4G, the first of which is the actual name; most refer to the next generation iPhone as the 4G iPhone, but there is a strong possibility it will come to market named something else, and as the major mobile networks are still putting their efforts into building current 3G networks there is a possibility the next iPhone will be another 3G version.

The next big rumour concerns the iPhone camera, with rumours that the next iPhone will pack a 4 to 6 megapixel shooter, but the big change could come with placement of the camera on the front rather than the rear and would then open a channel for using Apple iChat tech.

So what about the iPhone display? Well some say the next iPhone will sport a larger display, some saying significantly larger, but if you take the display too big it stops becoming a phone. Although the possibility of a16:9 iPhone screen could be on its way.

The next iPhone could of course take battery life to the next level as the battery life was extended in the iPhone 3GS, and it could possibly sport a removable battery which could be swapped out at an Apple store. As for iPhone memory, well it’s fairly logical that Apple would boost iPhone memory so we could be talking about 64GB or even 128GB.

However all this is really just speculation as previously said the iPhone 4G doesn’t exist yet and Apple isn’t likely to offer any insight as to what to expect, but the one fact we all know for sure is the arrival of the iPhone 4G is anyone’s guess.

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