HTC Passion (Dragon) Android 1-GHz Snapdragon Phone possible release date

Unconfirmed reports have it that the 1GHz Snapdragon sporting Android HTC Passion/Dragon will carry a varied array of high end features along with a large touch screen is heading for Verizon Wireless and that the possible release day for the HTC Passion/Dragon will be the middle of next month reports brighthand.

The reason the smartphone is currently being referred to as the HTC Passion/Dragon is because the rumour is the code name is Passion but when the smartphone sees an official release it will be named after the Qualcomm snapdragon and hit shelves as the HTC Dragon.

If all the rumours pan out the HTC Passion/Dragon will be the first Android based smartphone to run with Qualcomm’s 1GHz smartphone chip, although rival Sony Ericsson has announced their smartphone sporting the 1GHz Snapdragon the HTC handset will according to rumour hit the market first.

Spec wise the word is the HTC Passion/Dragon will pack a 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, run Android 2.0 OS, incorporate a 5 megapixel camera, several Google services such as Gmail, Maps and calendar, a 3.5mm jack and microSD expansion.


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  1. Victor says:

    I am already sold on this phone and it has not hit the shelves, yet. I am hoping that it comes to Verizon and not to T-Mobile first. This is the only phone that will make me give up my BB. I can not wait for a confirmed release date.

  2. warrentotheg says:

    I’m curious whether they will use the main 1ghz chip for graphics and such or have a seperate one like the droid. Clock speed really isn’t the same on phones as it is computers, especially when there is a dedicated GPU involved. If they don’t have a seperate chip, this thing really won’t perform much better than the Droid, if at all.

  3. Tom says:

    I really wanted an iPhone but wouldn’t give in because I love Verizon’s service and everyone I speak with HATES ATT. I am so glad I waited and didn’t switch providers and the reason I didn’t switch is because of the HTC HD2 which was rumored to come to Verizon. Now that the rumors have changed, I really want this phone. I too am a BB user and wont give it up yet until I see this phone. BB really made a mistake by not stepping up there game and completely re-doing the Storm to make it more user friendly and more multimedia oriented.
    From what I have heard HTC makes really good and reliable phones so I hope the Dragon is all that its hyped up to be.

  4. @warrentotheg
    Its true that Mhz aren’t everything (on any system) and that architecture matters. I do think you should do a bit more research on the nature of ‘seperate’ chips though — check out the take-aparts of droids all over the web, and there are a few discussions about what you are talking about. The snapdragon has a graphics chip a bit more capable than Droids, and a faster processor along with it.

    I am also considering just jumping for the droid, because as you said it may not be That significant to be worth a long wait, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it isn’t faster. It is. It may drain more battery however… Checkout reviews of the HD2, they seem pretty positive.

  5. jc says:

    this is going to be the HD2 in a different package….if the HD2 has a stand alone GPU..so will this..

    i actually like this BETTER than the HD2 though, becuase of the sleek packaging, and the trackball..

    i would just buy the imagio if it had a camera flash, be nice if the dragon has the same style speaker grill as the imagio, to keep it cool, and it looks awesome to.

  6. Tom says:

    That is a common mistake people are making with the Droid, the GPU is just made by a different manufacturer so sites list it separately in the spec lists. You are correct clock speed isn’t everything but Snapdragon is entirely new architecture as well.

  7. Josh says:

    Does anybody know if this will be a google branded device? I’ve head that unless it’s a google branded phone, it won’t have the google navigator and possibly some other things.

  8. Dean says:

    I would like to know if the HTC Dragon will sport the Sense UI. I switched from the Hero to the Motorola Droid. The Droid is nice, but I miss the Sense UI very much.

  9. DrDunkMcNally says:

    I’ve heard rumors that the Dragon will indeed support Sense UI.

    I have also heard rumors that it WILL be a Google branded device.

    I was doing some “personal-dragon-hype-building” a couple days ago and saw (unconfirmed) reports of those two points, although I cannot remember the source (pretty sure I just google-d “htc dragon”)

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